Three Class Pre Booked Deal

Choose any x3 classes 

Three class pre booked deal. Just email us your x3 choices with payment of £330 thus making a saving of £60 on booking the three classes individually. Book on your first class date then email us your choices of classes two and three 

The other choice is to book a class and attend then you can choose two subsequent classes at the fee of £200 again making a saving of £60 from the full fee. You can choose from any of the classes to make up your three class deal.Many people that wish to start their own businesses will choose the Introduction to face painting, Improves face painting and one more – either festival glitter, special effects, the one stroke class or our advanced face painting class or Henna all of these options are valid in the deal.

If you take out the class deal- All subsequent classes are reduced to a fee of £100 if booked individually outside of the deal.

Introduction to Face Paint

This course will introduce you to Face Painting. It is suitable for those with little or no experience of if you have done some face painting from a book or online tutorials.

The course provides product knowledge and general information about product and equipment supplies. The course will give you basic application techniques and design skills. At the end of the day you will leave with the knowledge of how to paint a number of faces. Information will be given on how to develop these basic faces and to extend your repertoire. Included in the course prices is a copy of the book “The Face Painters Blueprint” This fabulous user friendly book contains all of the course information plus more, filled with step by steps with clear images and instructions this book takes you through all of the stages of learning to face paint. You will be presented with a certificate at the end of your course.

Glitter, Festival and Eye Designs

This course will introduce you to using glitter to create amazing eye and body designs for festivals and events. Covering use of stencils for glitter application, freehand glitter body looks, glitter eyes, what products to use to apply festival glitter eyes and make up. Safe use of correct glitters and products to create stunning looks for parties and events. Use of face paints to combine with glitters plus gems and stencils -a jam packed full day of fun sparkles

Improvers Face Painting

This one day course will take you from the basics of Face Painting through into the next stage of more advanced techniques. This course is ideal for those with little experience or for those that have had more experience of face painting, you can learn new techniques from this day at many levels. The day will include – Blending techniques recap Brushwork techniques and skills to create more advanced looks, design ideas and inspiration, including the shaping of the face, more advanced blending techniques, speed skills, stencilling, and a brief intro to our one stroke day. There will be an opportunity to discuss business policies, including insurance, and the opportunity for further discussions of any related business areas.

One Stroke

One stroke- quick and simple yet effective easy designs

Class Content:

  1. Brushes – different types for different strokes. The benefits of using the best brushes for the job !!
  2. How to load your brushes. Paint consistency. Preparing to paint !
    Basic stroke techniques- getting to grips !
  3. Step by Step Tutorial – Rosebuds and Roses, leaves of all varieties !
  4. Step by Step Tutorial – Dolphins, Dinosaurs for the boys
  5. Loads of ideas for adult mask and eye designs with glitters too.
  6. Create your own designs using the techniques learnt!

Special Effects and Casualty wounds

Create realistic casualty make-ups, you can create most of these using water based face paints and waxes plus a few extras!
Black eyes, wounds, bullet holes and simple burns plus zombie. Gory special effects – this is not for the faint hearted!

Course to include:


2. Products

3. Health and safety

4. Cause & effect
The thinking behind casualty make-ups

5. Bruises – old/new.

6. Black eyes
7. Working with wax

8. Embedded Glass wound

9. Bullet wounds

10. Burns Zombie gore!

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