The Living Art Show Body Glitter Competition

The Living Art Show Body Glitter Competition

The Living Art Show was a huge success, make up artistes and painters gathered from across the Uk to celebrate their skills in creating amazing works of art on the body including The Living Art Show Body Glitter Competition

Body Glitters and body gems featured on the Friday competition day with the theme of British Icons running through the whole of the festival it was a day to celebrate all that sparkles.

The Living Art Show Body Glitter Competition day was sponsored by two fabulous companies, Glittertastics who sponsored the glitter body painting and Festival Face who sponsored the use of body gems. Body gems are really popular at festivals and these can be pre bought already made from our friends at festival face or these gems can be applied by hand and stuck on with a body glue to crete amazing designs like the one below created by Liz Bylett and Maria Bradley

This design was created initially applying a body glue to the skin and also to the back of the gems- allowing the glue to go clear and then fixing the gems onto the skin. The design needs to be created first before glueing then attached once the glue has gone clear.

The next stage is to apply the glitters, these may be adhered using either gels or glues dependant upon the amount of time that is required for the piece to stay in place. Gels are good and will adhere glitters for a few hours if there is likely to much sweating or dancing involved then it may be an idea to use a body glue that will stick the glitters in place for a longer period of time.

For more information about glitters what products to use and how to adhere these then please do visit our page on glitters

Artistes gathered form right across the Uk to create these amazing body painted glitter bodies at The Living Art Show Body Glitter Competition and here you will see their fabulous results -artistes are shown next to the glitter body art that they created.


if you would like to know more about applying glitter you can join us on one of our fabulous classes to learn this skill. 

If you would like to book our team of artistes to attend your event then please follow the link here and send us your details to book an event with us soon.


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