The Face Painters’ Blueprint Book – It’s in her DNA!

The Face Painters\’ Blueprint book:  Local face and body painter- Liz Bylett shares the secrets of “How to Face Paint ” after 25 years in the business.

Liz ‘s career in face and body painting  started when she saw face painters working at a local festival- “I was mesmerised” she says and stood and watched the face painters  creating  these amazing designs. “I always knew that I didn’t want to work in an office”. The combination of the joy on the children’s faces combined with her love of art and all things creative, she decided there and then that this is the career she would pursue.

Armed with a small palette bought locally, she practiced on her then willing boyfriend. (Whom she has now been married to for 25 years, “he obviously didn’t mind too much!” She says). “It just took off from there, I started to paint at events and parties and then, found that I couldn’t cover all of the events that I was being contacted for so I started to train up other members of the “Follies team”.

After 28 years of teaching at her own Follies Academy, for companies, in colleges across the UK, training across the world, demonstrating at shows for large make up companies, she has condensed the basic knowledge of “How to” face paint  into this fabulous compact book  The Facepainters’ BlueprintPublished by Herkimer

The book takes the reader day by day or week by week over 7 simple stages through all of the processes of how to face paint

From health and safety; to where to buy products, through each of the application stages, then onto face painting designs.

It’s a fabulous tool for any mums, school PTA’s, individuals who wish to learn to face paint for children’s parties, to paint the children for events at school, to start their own successful businesses or just for fun.

It is clearly laid out and can be used on its own or alongside the available training videos. 

Liz believes that anyone can master this skill if they are shown how to. “I have loved my time as face painter; met some fabulous people, travelled extensively, enjoyed the creative side of my job and bringing pleasure to many. Now I wish to share that skill and open that opportunity up to an even wider audience with the book and training videos”

The book officially launches on Saturday 9th July with a launch party that welcomes many of The Follies Academy now successful face painting business owners and past and current students.

The launch party also combines; Face and body painting, provided by Follies, The Living Art Show and The South East Body Paint Project. Live music from The Mofos, food and drink, plus photographers working against a beautiful Kentish country back drop and a couple of Harley Davison’s for the photo shoots!

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book or to get more information about the training please contact Liz at Follies /

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