Start up your own face painting business

It has never been easier to Start up your own face painting business. With a wealth of information available to show you the skills that you need to learn the health and saftey plus all of the techniques and face painting designs and lots of ideas of to show you what to do and paint at children s parties. It is really easy to Start up your own face painting business.

Follies can support you all of the way through your face painting journey in how to start up your own face painting business.

We provide either on line or on site training courses we can come to you or you come to us, plus we provide kits that can be purchased on line, our professional kit and book compliment  the on line training course or you can attend one of our regular classes in Kent or London to teach you all of the skills and techniques that you will need to get you started to start up your own face painting business.

Our classes run regularly in Kent or London or we can travel to you to deliver one to one training either for individuals or groups and centres.  Check out our courses that we offer and our dates lists here

To Have look at our on line training course, to see is that might be for you,  check out the link here The course is set up to run in seven sessions but you can have on going access to the package and you can access it on going and take as long as you need to to complete the course.

Professional face painting kits may be purchased here

we also have our fabulous book The Face Painters Blueprint – Learn To face paint book that shows you how to face paint with many steps by steps plus health and safety where to buy face painting products, what face painting designs you can use for children\’s parties and what information you need to start  your own business in face painting plus lots of tips and techniques to help you along the way! See more information here


Women In Business Action Hub

Taking Inspired action together!

We have been running our own success business here for over 28 year sand we have now set up a Women In Business Action Hub to help support you in your own business with daily face book Inspirational live feeds and tips and ideas. find us here

This hub has been set up to inspire women in business to take inspired action to achieve their dreams, remove business blocks and to be amazing!

The hub runs monthly with professionals from all areas in industry, sharing methods and insights that are actioned on site immediately after delivery in an informal workshop format with the specialist providing on the spot Q and A and effective support where required.

The sessions run monthly from 9.30 till 12.30pm these are split into 2 blocks –

9.30 arrivals network and coffee

9.45 till 10.30am Information station

10.30 till 12.30pm two hour Action stations, This will include break out time

currently the sessions run in Northfleet in Kent but we hope to expand these nationwide!

to find our more information click here to join us on meet up

to book on our March 8th Date on International Womens day click here


We look forward to welcoming you soon to Start up your own face painting business with the professionals at Follies


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