Special Effects Workshop #HGWells #ScifiBromley

Special Effects Workshop– Last night saw the Follies team once again out and about- This time we landed in Bromley in Kent to join in the celebrations of HG Wells 150th anniversary of being born in the market town.
Last nights event kicked of an weekend of celebrations in The Kentish town Bromley as over 20 young adults showed up for the evening to try their hand at how to do face painting and learn how to apply special effects. They used water based face paints to create some fabulous monster and sci faces, then for the SFX, added latex built up with layers of tissue to create scales and skin on their pre painted monster faces. Once this had been layered a few times and then dried we added face paints and the pulled some of the latex/tissue skin away form the faces for added impact, black paint and liquid blood were then used to finish the looks.this all took place at the Bromley Central Library
This weekends events include Saturday, which sees a fabulous street show with actors, Props and Face painting by our fabulous team Follies face and body painters, we will be on site in the marquees offering Sc-fi face paints, special effects, and wounds bullet holes and scars, with latex waxes and blood. All of this will get you in practice for upcoming Halloween special effects which is only just around the corner!
SCI Fi Bromley -Check out details of the show here
SCI Fi Bromley show
The workshop was huge success as always all the young adults went away happy having learned a new skill- these workshops are a great way for children and teenagers to experience the behind the scenes skills of make up application and the team at Follies offer these workshops throughout the year at School colleges and academies- If you think it may be the thing for your club association then please do get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements.

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