Soldier Body Paint D Day

Soldier Body Paint to commemorate the D Day celebrations was created by a team from Follies The Living Art Show, We had actually been contacted by BGT to apply for the live shows as body painting act.

We decided to go with this theme as we love to camouflage bodies into the back ground for different projects and promotions

We decided on creating our second Soldier Body Paint which wasn\’t originally specifically to commemorate the D Day celebrations, but as it was launched at about this time we felt it very fitting to release it on this date.

The soldier Body paint was created by a team from Follies; The Living Art Show.

We have actually now created two pieces or body painted art work that would fit with this theme – The first one was in 2014 to commemorate World War Veterans at Paintopia in Norfolk, theme Vintage Britain this first piece was created in memory of my dear father.

It was love story about all the men that went off to war and about all the women that waited and prayed for their safe return.

I was very lucky to be able to body paint my son Oliver Bylett and his lovely friend Helen Duffy.

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Our latest project that we carried out to apply to the live finals for Britain\’s Got Talent was produced by Luke Roberts and was shot on location In Meopham, The Follies and The Living Art Show team gathered one cold November morning – to create this magnificent piece of art work, to commentate and to at the same time tell a story through the art of body painting.

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We wish to send a huge thanks to not only the whole team and crew that took part on the day and those behind the scenes, but also to the men and women whom this final footage is  a real testament and tribute to – They fought for the freedom of our country – for which we shall always be truly Great FULl-

Thank you from us all.

Soldier Body Paint D Day

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