How to do a butterfly face paint

How to do a butterfly Face paint

Here at Follies we are available to support you with some simple step by step Face painting designs for Kids including how to do a butterfly face paint.

Many of you are currently working from home and spending more time with your families, which is an ideal opportunity to share the fun colour and creativity of face painting with your children.

It\’s a great opportunity to be able to develop new skills for yourself that you may potentially be able to use later on for children\’s parties, school fetes and events.


We have a fabulous book that has some really Easy Face Painting for Kids broken down into simple step by steps that you can follow through with the children.

It has a whole section that covers the techniques of how to use the product and apply it, followed by many different step by step Face painting designs including; how to do a

Cat Face Paint

Tiger Face Paint

Butterfly Face Paint

Spiderman Face Paint

Lion Face Paint

Batman Face Paint

Pirate Face Paint

Plus many more.

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We also have an online training course, if you wish to join us to work though the whole process online with tutor, with this you also get a work pack and certificate; the package includes the book too.

Learn online here

We have shop where you can buy professional face painting kits too, so lots of things we can offer you to help you to create some fun faces on your children and enjoy some precious time with them.

Our professional face painting kit consists of all the products you need to start to face paint.

We look forward to sharing these skills with you and to seeing your children\’s happy faces when you have painted them!

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