Goddess Body Paint

Goddess Body Paint

We created a Goddess Body Paint for an event in Glastonbury, an event that was arranged by Mel Broom and Stephen Durros to raise funds for Childrens Charity in Glastonbury 

The theme was Gods and Goddesses

We chose a fusion of two deities, two cultures, two sexes ~ Sekhmet and Ganesha, a dance between male and female

The Goddess Sekhmet –

The yin female energy ….
The lioness feline power signifying strength (emotion, intuition, the power of vulnerability) Embodiment of strength and power. Connected to the Earth…through the base chakra following internal intuition, staying centred whilst being mirrored by the yang energy of the Elephant God Ganesh…
purveyor and remover of obstacles both material and spiritual, governor of the muladhara chakra and our connection to earth. Our root, our home, our family, leading one forwards into new creative ideas and life practices;
together they created the perfect balance for this body paint and as metaphor for life.

Our model (Jess who was awesome) had never been body painted before and she loved the whole experience- she commented \”These choices felt so significant to me and embodying such raw divinity on stage felt powerful!\” She truly embodied the concepts that we as team had created.



Artistes-  Liz Bylett and Jade La Forest Bicknell worked on our lovely model Jess who brought our Goddess Body Paint design to life! The artwork evolved beautifully and the stages of its evolution are shown below in the images that we captured on the day.

The face and body front showed the deitie Sekhmet the Egyptian Goddess showing the icon of the lioness, the embodiment of strength and power, this piece was created using airbrush body paint from two sources Paintopia and Mistair 


Gems were then applied to enhance the piece using water based glues to make removal easy for our model!

The Ascended master Ganesh was painted on the back using brush and sponge artwork to create this beautiful image of the God Ganesh. he was adorned with gems and glitters too!


The final Goddess Body Paint was finished off with a Headdress that held elements of the earth and sun within it


The whole event ended with a catwalk show which is accessible to view on our face book page here  

if you\’d like to find out more about how to hire us to create these amazing works of art at your event, or to be painted as Goddess or to learn how to create looks like this yourself!

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If you\’d like to model or paint at a Body painting festival event

Click here for more information of our fabulous show!

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