Glastonbury Body Art Festival

Glastonbury Body Art Festival-

The Glastonbury Body Art Festival – Took place on the weekend of January 13th; We took The Living Art Show to this fabulous body painting event to join in the fun, meet with friends old and new, soak up the fabulous vibe of the event and its beautiful people and to create some amazing works of art alongside our fabulous team of artistes.

The Glastonbury Body Art Festival was organised by one of our long time associates in the world of body painting Mel Broom and Steven Durros, it was a fabulous event many of the artistes and models were keen to get information about the Summer event that we holding and many have already booked in to attend.

We painted the Magical Golden Warrior we painted at the Glastonbury Body Art Festival  twas themed as it ties in with our 2018 theme of \”MAGIC\” for this years Living Art Show.

Our 2017 Living Art Show winning artiste was also on site the lovely June Waller and she painted the beautiful \”Magical Fairy Princess\” that you see shown between the other two images. The Glastonbury Body Art Event was a great start for many body painters to kick off a brilliant new year and to get our paint brushes charged up and ready to go for the rest of the year!

One of our highlights of the festival was the opportunity to meet with our lovely model Bonnie Stafford

This was her first time being body painted, she was fabulous, great pleasure to work with and she kindly send me this lovely poem of the day afterwards – which she is happy for me to share here:

Ordinary people came,

they wanted to part of the magic of the day ,

The model, the artist, meeting up, the artist sizes the human canvas up,

The spark of an idea and a form begins to appear ,bronze and gold a story of old, the warrior goddess begins to unfold,

The curve of the body

The angles of bone

Waiting for paint to transform and flow

Sparkles are everywhere twinkling in the light,

Catching eyes with their brights,

All to soon the time is up ,

This tribal warrior goddess is ready to share, the magic of creation the artist put there .


Bonbon Glasto bodypaint festival 2018- The Glastonbury Body Art Festival


Our beautiful Magical Warrior Goddess in all of her painted glory! at The Glastonbury Body Art Festival

You can see links to this whole make up look being created live on our face book pages-

The Living Art Show Face- Book


We would love to share with you all that we do here at Follies and The Living Art Show.

The Living Art Show Body Painting Festival is a creative and visual extravaganza, an event that combines a feast of magnificent body painted models alongside musicians and performance artistes.



One of our loves is body painting and we run our show at various events across the UK over the year- This year sees us at the Maui Waui festival In Suffolk on August 24th till the 26th August. Where we will be holding yet another fabulous  Living Art Show Body Painting Festival, with the UK’s top body painters, body painted models, photographers, make up artistes, with lots of demonstrations plus our fabulous cat walk show and UV painting party, its sure to be another great Living Art Show Body Painting Festival. To register your interest as a painter, model or photographer or to go on to the mailing list or to hear more news drop us an email to or book on the link here

This is one not to be missed.

Come and join us this eclectic blend of face and body painters artistes, models, creative’s and photographers at our 2017-Body painting festival Extravaganza- It takes place on the 24th to 26th August at the Maui Waui Festival in Thebarton in Suffolk.

The weekend will include a body painting competition, a catwalk show, face painting and body art tutorials and demonstrations; “Have a go sessions” plus a U.V paint party cavern on the Saturday night!

The theme for this years Living Art Show is \”Magic\”


Click here for more information


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We also teach one stroke or rainbow cakes and special effects too, plus the new glitter party craze, including glitter stencils and freehand body art with glitters plus the fabulous glitter face painting designs working freehand and with stencils.

The classes are limited to small groups so that you have plenty of one to one tuition and a chance to practice what you have leaned.

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Here at Follies have developed a Face Painting On Line Training Course. This is a series of step by step, day by day, on line training video tutorials that can be used in conjunction with the book (included free in this package) to support the text and images- therein. Many of our trainees have commented at how useful it has been to use these tutorials alongside the book as it supports and expands on the information in the text and images.

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We hope top see you at one of our events very soon 🙂 x

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