Festival Glitter Make Up

Festival Glitter Make Up brought to you by our fabulous make up artistes and professional face and body painters in London, Kent and from our team across the UK, this is the new craze sweeping the nation right now, be seen this summer sporting your fabulous Festival Glitter Make Up looks at any outdoor summer event, festivals, parties, the glitter shines brightly on the sunshine and creates some really simple and fun looks that are enjoyed for the day and well into the night then can be easily removed.

Festival Glitter Eye Make Up is also great for any children\’s party or event- to book your team now contact us Follies

How To\’s Glitter

  • Is it safe to wear glitter on your body and face? You must use a cosmetic grade glitter made from a non-toxic plastic called PET which is deemed safe to wear on the skin. The glitter is misshaped particles that can have some rough edges so do be careful if applying close to the eyes or in places that may be more sensitive. If you are unsure it is always best as with all make up products to carry out patch test -This information is for advice only and we @ Follies cannot be held responsible if glitter is used in any way and an adverse reaction occurs.


  • How do I create Festival Glitter Make Up?  The Glitter is not in a gel form so it doesn\’t stick directly to the skin on it\’s own.
  •  Vaseline may be used or we sell professional cosmetic grade glitter gels and water based body glues here at Follies that you can use to adhere your glitters to the skin with. If you choose to use the glue then let it go tacky first and then add the glitter. You will get full information with your purchase. Follies glitter and glue supplies 


  • How do I remove Festival Glitter Make Up? First remove any excess with a cloth or wipe and place into the bin as we do bot want these glitter particles getting into the waterways.
  • Then you can use Facial cleaners and washes, soap and water, baby oil and cotton wool or facial wipes.
  •  When you are removing the glitters be careful not to rub too hard as the glitters may be rough in sensitive areas.


  • How do I apply Festival Glitter  Make Up? If you like the idea of this but do not know how to apply the product then come and join us on one of our fabulous courses at Greenwich in London where we can teach you all of the secrets plus more to creating these fabulous looks.
  • Our next glitter eye design course is Thursday 13th July in Greenwich London. Check out the next upcoming dates for these great FOLLIES courses.


We love glitter here so much, we glitter body paint – check our our you tube video with show reels of how to use glitter in a body paint design here. Glitter body paint Union Jack design


See some of our great eye make up looks created below plus some twists on using it on the body too.

We hope to see you soon for some  Festival Glitter Make Up near you contact us for more information

Glitter was the main festival attraction at Glastonbury last week with revelers being covered in glitter on their breasts- this new craze is called Glitter tits or glitter boobs or even glitter booties, and yes if you want these you\’ve come to the right place! Follies

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