Face Painters Health and Safety 2020

Face Painters Health and Safety 2020

A brief word on the current situation regarding Face Painters Health and Safety 2020 (Covid-19) and the operation of our face and body painting teams.

We are taking advice from and the guidance of the government\’s Public Health England.

At this moment their advice has resulted in an increase in the cleaning and disinfecting regimes of our products and kits including thoroughly washing hands, sanitising hands between guests, using disinfectants in our waters too. (The paint we use also contains antibacterial agents).

We have also chosen at this time to not make contact with any specifically mucous prevalent areas on the face just in case. Therefore we are generally refraining from painting lips and close to the eye areas.

However if clients do request this we are using disposable wands and swabs to apply products in these areas.

We are displaying advice to parents and guests and encourage our guests to arrive at our station with clean faces and hands too and will have wipes and hand sanitiser available for use if required.

Our understanding is that the risks to the community and our guests are very low however we know that the situation can quickly change. We will be calm, measured and pragmatic.

If things do significantly change, we have contingency plans ready to respond accordingly, however we have no plans to compromise how we serve your event and aim to carry on providing your event with our fabulous face and body painting service.

Please do message us with any questions and we will continue to provide you with our colorful hygienic professional and valued service.






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