Body Painting On Clothing

Body Painting On Clothing

We had and enquiry at Follies Hq a few weeks ago asking us if we could paint a tribal design onto a leotard, Never having painted done any Body Painting On Clothing or body paint onto a large area of clothing we were inquisitive to find out of this could be done!

We researched products and fabrics to see what the effects would be like and what could be achieved-

Our client did in fact supply the products- we used an opaque water based acrylic paint- which was white and painted that onto a back turtle neck leotard to create the required Body Painting On Clothing final effect.

The leotard was worn whilst it was being painted so that the fabric was stretched into its final position, the design was applied finely with a thin brush to mark out the areas it needed to go, it was tricky as it was reverse design which created a few challenges, but with some patience and immense concentration! We worked through the design and created a great final piece.

The paint chosen was an opaque paint, which isn\’t necessarily a totally solid colour so it will create a more opaque final look- this it can prove tricky to apply if one os trying to get a solid block colour for Body Painting On Clothing, if this si required perhaps another choice of paint may be more suitable?

It was a great day and we were really happy to hear the plans for the leotard for our fabulous client and amazing Hula Hoop performer Maz @Phatgrilspin 

We were also really lucky to have photographer Yefri on site taking shots throughout the creative process, I think you\’ll agree that the shots he took were really creative in their own right. Find more of his amazing work here @Findflorentine

We love it when a team of creatives gather together you never really know whats going to come out of the mix, but thats the beauty of it!

  • Body Painting On Clothing tips

  • Research your body paint products first
  • See how they will look on the fabric
  • Do they need fixing with heat after painting?
  • Is the product washable?
  • Practice with a smaller area before you start on the main piece
  • Never go full on at the front of the garment always start at the back so that by the time you reach the areas that will be seen most you have warmed up you brushwork!

If you\’d like to find our more or have us come and Body Painting On Clothing for you at your event or film shoot then do drop us an email

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