Body Paint at the Chelsea Flower Show

Body Paint at the Chelsea Flower Show

The Body Paint at the Chelsea Flower Show, in Primrose Hall Ponies, GOLD WINNING Pavilion exhibit, was created by The Living Art Show artistic director Liz Bylett.

Primrose Hall Peonies commissioned Liz to create the stunning body paint to be a part of their beautiful show entry this year. Caron and Bronwyne from BrittPR created the amazing stand concept. The Living Art show is proudly sponsored by Magic Box who supplied the products used in creating the Body Paint at the Chelsea Flower Show.


It’s Liz’s second time body painting at the Chelsea Flower Show, she says about the body paint;

“It was great privilege to be involved in creating this fabulous piece of the show this year. I was especially excited as Peonies are my favourite flower and I have many in my garden.
I love the beautiful Peony colours, textures and the way that they remind me of an English country garden in the lovely Spring sunshine.
The body paint took a few weeks of planning and trials to see which techniques and paints created the best results. I enjoy the creative challenge of body painting plus the fact it\’s transient and only lasts for one day. It takes about six hours to create a fully body painted body and as any artiste will know, it can take that long sometimes just to paint two peonies alone! It was incredible at how much interest the body painting raised. The press all gathered round to take images and it drew crowds to the stand. 

We had a fabulous day Jess looked amazing amidst all of the glorious flowers from the nursery. We met many people, including some hob nobbing! We had had a fabulous day. 

Yoga practitioner and life model Jessica Saunders is the beautiful Body Paint model that you see in the images. I\’ve body painted Jess before, I love working with Jess shes such professional, you may recognise her in the Goddess Body paint earlier this year.\” 

We were very lucky to have been featured in many of the press and nationals right across the globe – Press Links


Daily Mail 

CNN News

Asian News 

Washington Post 


The Femail 

Jill- Flower Power

news links


4.10 mins



Follies Body Painters and The Living Art Show provides body painters for many events, including press, promotions, exhibitions, private events and parties.

The Living Art Show also shows live once year at the Maui Waui festival, where our team plus body painters form across the UK gather to celebrate this amazing body art form. Its a three day festival and open to all, from experienced painter through to students and make up artistes, if you’d like to find out more about coming to see that amazing show click here.

Liz, the Creative Director of The Living Art Show, also runs The Follies Face and Body Art Teaching Academy. Follies run regular classes In London, Kent and across the U.K In all styles of Body Painting, Face Painting, Festival Glitter, Make Up, Special Effects and Henna

The Follies Face and Body Painters team have fun right across the UK. and overseas painting and glittering at many festivals and events.
Clients include, Google, Virgin, Disney, Yahoo, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, BA and many more.
If you’d like more information or wish to get in touch please click here.

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Close up detail of the Peony Body Paint at The Chelsea Flower Show 2019



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