Follies host and run many creative workshops over the year, in locations right across the Uk these include Silk painting, abstract art, make and do crafts, cup cake toppers, Spin pictures, festival glitter and headdress crafts plus our new Millinery classes.

Its amazing the effects that being creative can have on the brain, building new neurological pathways, reducing stress levels and creating new opportunities in work and life at the same time. Sometimes it’s just nice to take time out to de stress and reconnect to your creative side to relax into the creative process, to explore and see where it takes you!

Our Let’s Get Creative Workshops are run in centres across Kent Surrey and the UK or we can travel to you to run a class with your local group or business.

Our Let’s Get Creative Workshops give you the time to have some fun, play with colour, great for team building, hen nights or parties

Science has shown that stress actually inhibits the problem solving areas of the brain. Taking time out with one of our Let’s Get Creative Workshops will help you to open up to more creative solutions to problems and perhaps gain some previously well hidden insights into the next step or solution.

Check out the Silk painting process here - all products supplied.


Let’s Get Creative Workshops will support

  • Relaxation
  • More laughs
  • De Stressing
  • Increased Creativity
  • Greater access to problem solving
  • Community
  • Team Building
  • Play
  • Exploration
  • Creating and setting visions

The Let’s Get Creative Workshops are held in many venues across the country, or we can travel to your venue.

The workshops cover many artistic formats which include-

Abstract Canvas Creating abstract art on canvas, explore texture products colour and design, this one’s really about allowing it to flow and seeing what you create

Silk and Batik Painting  Creating beautiful silk or batik art pieces on materials bases, these can be hung in the home or office as wall hangings pictures, or creating scarves, masks, Ties or handkerchiefs

This workshop may also be combined with visioning to create visual pictures that can be hung or items to wear. These paintings are a trigger to the subconscious mind to support future wishes and desires, another version of a vision board workshop where goals and desires are set into the pieces to trigger future life or work goals and results.

Millinery Classes teaming up with Follies is top class ex Bond Street Milliner Amanda Keitch and hat maker to the Royals including the Queen and HRH The Princess of Wales, HRH the Duchess of Kent and milliner to the Bond Film Golden Eye and many fashion shows and exhibitions with over with over 30 years experience;

In this day we explore various options of making a cocktail hat for a wedding or special occasion, working with a felt base, feathers and crim flowers and crystals. you will leave with a piece fit to wear at a wedding, the races or any special occasion.

Classes held in London Kent and Surrey Next class booking link below


Body Painting  Great for women’s groups and circles, hen nights, festivals and parties.

Have your body painted for a present for a loved one photography optional.

Explore the ritualistic art of body adornment and symbology in this empowering workshop.

Cup cake toppers- All the cakes are provide or this activity and our professional decorators will show you how to create these amazing cakes  that you can take away with you- They are soooooo Yummy that sometimes…. Not many make it our of the workshop!

Spin Pictures This is a fun one! Using various techniques and absolutely no artistic flare, create fabulous spin and pour images on canvas, these can offer quote amazing insights into what you need to see!


Glitter Festival Fun Experience the fun or adorning each other with glitters, make bling face gem pieces and explore the effects that can be created using water based and cosmetic grade skin safe products

Team Painting Create a team image using a team goal for work! Create a work of art a “LOVE” image. A great gift idea for the engagement party or wedding, hang it to commemorate your day, a beautiful keep sake, created especially for you, by your guests.


Festival Garland Head dresses Gather your hens or partygoers together and make yourselves head dresses fit for any festival party or night out, using a combo of flowers and gems for that extra dazzle!

Your Ideas Some form of art that you’ve always wanted to explore or experience? I’m quite sure we’ve been there done that got the t.shirt! Let us know and we’ll explore that with you in our Let’s Get Creative Workshops

See some images below of some of our workshops we’ve shared



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